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In Buddhism, symbolic offerings are made to the Triple Gem, giving rise to contemplative gratitude and inspiration. Typical material offerings involve simple objects such as a lit candle or oil lamp, burning incense, flowers, food, fruit, water or drinks.


These auspicious lamps signify the eradication of darkness and a bright future.


Lighting up of auspicious oil lamps are only available during Chinese New Year (for the living or departed), Qing Ming (for the departed), Wesak Day (for the living or departed) and Kathina (for the living or departed).

Oil Lamp

RM 10.00Harga
  • In the "details" section when checking out, please include the name of the person or family this oil lamp is for, and please incidicate if they are deceased or living. We will ensure that an oil lamp is lit in that name or family's name and we will send you a picture of it over WhatsApp.

  • This product cannot be returned once used.

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