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Wesak Celebration
Wesak 2020 1_1-2.png
Light Oil Lamps

To light an oil lamp this Wesak, contact

Bhante Wineetha 011 3534 7910

Sis Kristy 012 280 8092

Bro Eng 017 363 5135

In order for us to issue you an official receipt, kindly send the payment confirmation slip to our treasurer, Bro Eng Cheng Kiaw on WhatsApp at +6 017 363 5135. Kindly provide your full name and contact number as well to be written on the receipt.

Please take note that our whole Wesak Celebration will take place online, via Facebook Live and our premises will not be open until we are permitted to do so, and this includes Wesak Eve and Wesak Day.


Every Wesak, Ti-Ratana Lumbini Garden Sunday Dhamma School organizes our Annual Wesak Eight Precepts Programme. However, this year, since we cannot do so physically, let us self-observe the Eight Precepts at home if you wish to do so.

  1. Abstaining from killing

  2. Abstaining from stealing

  3. Abstaining from sexual activity

  4. Abstaining from telling lies

  5. Abstaining from intoxicating drinks and drugs

  6. Abstaining from eating after noon

  7. Abstaining from entertainment and beautifying the body

  8. Abstaining from using luxurious furniture

Eight Precepts
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